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Water Leak Detection Specialists In Holbury, Hampshire

Have You Got A Hidden Water Leak in Holbury?

As a specialist water leak detection company serving Southampton, Hampshire we are ready to assist with a range of water leak detection services when it comes to finding any hidden water leak in your property including water leaking on:

We Save You Time & Money

Our unique leak detection service can save you time and money as our qualified engineers can pinpoint any leak without disrupting your property or its surroundings. Furthermore, we respond quickly because we understand that when it comes to finding a water leak every minute wasted could result in potentially catastrophic damage. We have fully qualified engineers located all across the country, so regardless of where you live, we can normally get to your property within 48 hours.

Market Leading Technology

Our leading high tech leak detection equipment can detect and locate a leak precisely - saving your home from further damage. As a leading leak detection company we have a policy of constantly and consistently investing in the latest equipment to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of the water leak detection industry. Our staff regularly attend trade shows, and we follow leak detection news stories from across the world, which ultimately benefits our customers when they have a leak!

Local Engineers

ADI Leak Detection is a national company, with a local feel. We have a network of qualified engineers with many years of experience, strategically located throughout England, Scotland & Wales. This means that wherever you live, there is an experienced ADI leak detection engineer close to you. In the vast majority of cases we can normally respond to your leak within 48 hours, and occasionally with same day or next day leak detection possible.


Our Water Leak Detection Services - Finding Your Leak Using Non Destructive Leak Detection Methods

Water Mains Leak Detection Southampton

Water Mains

Our water mains leak detection crews utilize a dedicated range of equipment to find leaks on water supply pipes including the use of tracer gas, acoustic leak detectors and leak correlators.

As a specialist water leak detection company we have dedicated water mains leak detection specialists operating Nationwide, throughout the UK!

Our teams are highly experienced in tracing leaks on water mains utilizing years of experience to find and repair water leaks. If your water main is damaged beyond repair then we are able to provide water mains replacement services.

Southampton Central Heating Leak Detection Service

Central Heating Systems

In sealed systems such as heating circuits and heating systems, tiny invisible leaks, also called Micro Leaks, can result in a slow and constant loss of pressure in the system with no obvious cause. Micro Leaks tend to occur more often in heating circuits and hot water pipes and, as the water is hotter, it evaporates far more quickly leaving little or no trace.

The constant loss of pressure could eventually lead to a boiler breakdown. Locating the source of these leaks is a specialist occupation that many plumbers or heating engineers will not have the knowledge or equipment to solve. ADI Leak Detection are experts at finding, diagnosing and repairing these leaks ensuring your heating system won’t fail you when you need it the most.

Swimming Pools & Filtration Systems

ADI Leak Detection we are proud to be able to offer one of the most comprehensive swimming pool leak detection services on the market today. In most cases, our swimming pool leak detection engineers are able to locate the precise location of your leak within a day – whether on the pool itself or the filtration system.

The combination of having years of experience in non-invasive leak detection, and being PADI certified scuba divers, gives ADI Leak Detection the cutting edge when identifying leak locations.

Roof Leak Detection Southampton

Roof Leaks

A leak in your roof can cause lots of water damage, quickly. Our specialist roofing leak detection teams carry a range of specialist equipment devised for roof water leak detection. The equipment utilized can include tracer gases, electronic roof leak detectors, moisture meters and our drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras!

Depending on the type of roof you have (commercial metal, flat or pitched) our field service engineer mat start with the drone investigation before using thermal imaging and tracer gases to identify the exact location of your roof leak.

Trace & Access

Trace and Access is insurance company terminology for the process of tracing and accessing a hidden water leak. Trace & Access is part of some home insurance policies as standard, while it as an addition to the home insurance policies of many other home insurers.

As a leak detection company we provide every customer with insurance approved reports to assist with any insurance claim. Trace and access pertains to the escape of water from pipework, not from water ingress from external sources. If your water leak is from pipework and you have trace and access cover you should be able to claim back the cost of our service from your insurer.

Underfloor Leak detection Southampton

Underfloor Heating Pipes

Central heating technology an fitting has changed dramatically over the last couple of decades. Modern properties are now designed with the heating pipes hidden under floorboards and behind walls to make the property look aesthetically pleasing. This is all well and good until a leak develops in your pipework.

The last thing anyone wants to have to do is rip down or cut holes in the wall, or lift up the flooring, until you find where the leak is originating. Although many plumbers can take an educate guess as to the source of the leak, if they get it wrong, more time is wasted and more damage is done. At ADI Leak Detection we take the guesswork out of the equation ensuring that we pinpoint your leak quickly and with complete accuracy.

Boiler Pressure Loss

Boiler pressure loss can be a sign of a central heating leak or a leaking boiler component which is causing pressure loss in the heating system.

Our central heating leak detecrion engineers are experts at finding the exact cause of the leak. In most cases a boiler losing pressure is actually caused by a hidden water leak on central heating pipework.

Drainage CCTV Surveys & Investigations Southampton

Drain CCTV Surveys

A Drain CCTV Survey can help identify the location of a cracked drain or the reason why you may keep getting blocked drains.

The most common reason we provide Drain CCTV Surveys is when a customer is purchasing a new property and requires a complete drainage survey. You would be surprised how often we find problems with fully functioning drains!

Water Mains Replacement

If you need a water main installed or replaced in Southampton then ADI Leak Detection are here to help.

We provide water main replacement and installation services and are specialists in replacing mains over 25 meters in length using our Horizontal Directional Drilling rig. We also utilize moling for replace water mains.

Our Water Leak Detection Equipment - We Carry More Specialist Equipment Than Your Local Plumber in Holbury!

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