Underfloor Heating Leak Detection Southampton by ADI, Your Leak Detection Specialists

Underfloor Heating Leak Detection Southampton by ADI, Your Leak Detection Specialists
Underfloor heating has got to be one of the best inventions of all time. There is something luxurious about jumping out of bed on a cold morning onto a warm floor. Underfloor heating has experienced exponential growth in popularity in recent years, and it is easy to see why. There is, however, one potential downside to underground heating, and that is when or if the system develops some type of leak.

A Leak In Your Underfloor Heating Could be Very Expensive

Underfloor heating involves running water through a pipe network under the floor, and there is always a potential risk of a leak developing. When this happens, the problem is not so much fixing the leak but finding it in the first place and as quickly as possible. The last thing you want to happen to your expensive wooden floor is for it to become irreparably damaged by damp and moisture from a leaking pipe. The key to underfloor heating leak detection is identifying the exact source of the leak without lifting the entire floor. This causes unnecessary delay and expense and should be avoided wherever possible.

How do I know my underfloor heating is leaking?

By its very nature, confirming whether or not you have a leak in your underfloor heating system can be a challenge. The last thing you want to do is rip up tiling or floorboards unnecessarily, which is why it is imperative that you know which signs or symptoms may lead you to an informed decision. Below are a list of the most common symptoms to look out for. At ADI Leak Detection, we use a range of different tools and equipment depending on the specific situation and circumstances. Some of the tools we use are exclusive to us, as we developed them in our own research facilities. When it comes to underfloor heating leak detection, the main tools we utilise include

Visible Signs of Damp

This will be the most obvious sign that you have a leak in your underfloor heating. You may also notice wet patches on the floor, in certain areas which could identify the source of the leak.

Cracks in Your Tiles or Grouting

Another sign to look for are cracks in your tiles, or grouting, or tiles coming loose. This could indicate movement, or leaking water, underneath which is causing the wood to expand.

Expansion of Wooden Floors

If you have wooden flooring as opposed to tiling, then you may well notice a swelling in the wood which normally indicates that water has penetrated. This is something which needs to be dealt with as a matter of urgency.

A Noticeable Drop in Pressure On Underfloor Heating Gauges

Regularly check your underfloor heating gauges as this is an excellent way to monitor the health of your system. If you notice the pressure is consistently dropping, then this is a clear indication that you may have a leak in the system.

Underfloor Heating Stops Working

This is one of the key reasons why homeowners identify an issue, when their underfloor heating stops working. Unfortunately, by the time this comes to fruition there may be significant damage already caused.

Error Messages on Your Boiler

Depending on the boiler you have installed, it may display an error code, which will help you identify the problem. As you can see there are likely to be a number of clues to help you identify the problem, many of which once you are aware of them are relatively easy to identify.

Obviously, if you have more than one of these that likely increases the likelihood of having underfloor heating leaks in your home or business. That brings us onto the next part of this article, the possible causes.

Our Engineers Are Only Allocated One Job Per Day

By its very nature, leak detection can be a slow and complicated process; let’s face it, if it wasn’t, then everyone would be doing it. That is why we only give our engineers one job per day so that they can take their time and solve your swimming pool leak problem on the day of their visit. They are not under any pressure to rush or get to another job, which sets us apart from the competition. It is also another reason we have such a low staff turnover because they feel appreciated and respected. This has the added benefit of retaining our skill and knowledge within the company, which ultimately benefits our customers on a daily basis.

Why do Leaks in Underfloor Heating Happen?

There are a myriad of different reasons why a leak could develop in your underfloor heating. ADI Leak Detection has investigated and dealt with many of these type of leaks and they can normally be attributed to seven key factors.

Damage was caused to the pipework during the installation process.

Although this should never happen the installers are working in a confined space so it is possible that the pipes could be damaged without the installers being aware of the issue.

A Faulty Pipe or Fitting

Pipes and fittings are mass produced so it is entirely feasible that there could be an undetected fault in the materials which does not become apparent until the pipe or fitting is exposed to pressure.

Simple Wear and Tear

Unfortunately as with everything in life, underground heating pipes and fitting will wear out over time, eventually leading to them needing to be replaced.

Movement or Vibrations in Your Flooring

In certain properties particularly where there is heavy footfall, and where the pipework is close to the flooring, the constant vibration of people walking on the floor can cause the pipes or fitting to weaken over time.

Accidental Damage Caused To The Pipes

In many instances we are called out to deal with a leak in the underground heating pipes that have been caused by accident, such as someone drilling into the floor and hitting a pipe.

System Pressure is Too High

If the system pressure is consistently high this can cause long term problems to the pipework leading to a leak.

How Does Underfloor Heating Leak Detection Work?

There is a lot of science, technology, and expertise involved in the leak detection industry, which is why it is a specialist area that the majority of general plumbers do not get involved with. The specialist equipment that is  required is expensive and requires knowledge that has been built up over many years. When it comes to leak detection, ensure that you are dealing with a specialist company such as ADI Leak Detection.

At ADI Leak Detection, we use a range of different tools and equipment depending on the specific situation and circumstances. Some of the tools we use are exclusive to us, as we developed them in our own research facilities. When it comes to underfloor heating leak detection, the main tools we utilise include:

Leak Detection Equipment Used By Our Engineers To Detect Water Leaks

Acoustic Listening Devices

These specialist devices can detect the sound of a water leak up to 2.5 metres below ground. These listening devices are among the most common methods we utilise for underfloor heating leaks. They enable us to identify the exact site of the leak with pinpoint accuracy, which means we only need to lift the flooring in the close vicinity of the leak.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Our thermal imaging cameras allow us to search for and locate the leaks under your flooring visually. The principle is the same if you have ever watched a police chase using the helicopter and their thermal imaging camera. When the water is leaking, there is a temperature difference, which is very obvious on our cameras.

Tracer Gases

In certain circumstances, we force a special mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen into your pipework. Because this gas is lighter than the water, it actively seeks out the weakest point in the system, which is inevitably the source of the leak. The gas mixture we use has a distinctive smell that our specialist devices can detect, enabling our engineers to locate the source of the leak.

ADI have discovered leaks that other companies have been trying to find for years. Our specialist technicians are obsessed with finding your leak, and they hate to be beaten. If you have any concerns about an underfloor heating leak, then do not delay contact ADI today.

Can leaks in underfloor heating be repaired?

The good news is that in the vast majority of cases it is possible to effect a repair on your underfloor heating rather than having to replace the entire system. As technology has improved many of the new brands of underfloor heating come with 15 year warranties and in some cases lifetime warranties, such is the confidence in the quality of the products.

At ADI Leak Detection in the unlikely scenario where we are unable to repair your underfloor heating then we can help you to make an informed decision on the different types and brands of underfloor heating on the marketplace today. This after all is a long term investment and not a decision to be taken lightly. Some of the brands we recommend include Warm up, Pro Warm, Heat Mat, Flexel and Thermosphere.

Each of these companies make bespoke systems which are designed to maximise efficiency in certain scenarios. Thermosphere for instance has four different system options. They are based on different materials to deliver the heat, and include Mesh, Membrane, Foil and Inscreed Heating Cable systems.

Many of these systems take advantage of modern technology which includes the use of WIFI in conjunction with advanced thermostats, meaning that you can turn your underfloor heating system on remotely, or even when you are a specified distance away from home. The two key benefits of this technology is that you can save money by not heating your home unnecessarily when noone is in, but in addition, the system can turn on your heating at the optimal time, so that it is warm and cosy when you arrive back home from work.

Our priority at ADI Leak Detection is to deliver the best quality service to our customers. We will always aim to repair your leaks and minimise costs, but if the system is past its sell by date and the time has come to upgrade, then ADI is the perfect partner to assist with this process. ADI – systems, products and a team you can rely on.

Let ADI Leak Detection Trace The Source of Your Underfloor Heating Leak In Southampton

Finding leaks is what ADI does – pure and simple. We were the original specialist leak detection company in the United Kingdom. Thanks to the high level of customer service and the results-driven approach, we have grown in size every year since we opened for business. We now service all of Great Britain and have fully qualified engineers all across the country.

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