Do You Have A Hot or Cold Water Leak?

Here at ADI Leak Detection Southampton, our services Can Help You Find It Quickly and With Minimal Disruption.

A cold or hot water leak can develop over a lengthy period of time without any apparent signs of damage being caused to your property. It is one of those frustrating problems that accumulate over time and, unfortunately, can cause a lot of damage in the process. Sometimes the biggest challenge is not repairing the leak; it is finding the source of the leak in the first place.

The Problem With Modern Properties

The current home design strategy is to make everything look aesthetically pleasing, and one of the ways interior designers achieve this is to hide pipes behind walls and under floorboards. This achieves the desired effect but unfortunately creates different problems, particularly when it comes to water leaks in the hot or cold water system. A very small leak can cause a large amount of damage, and even if the homeowner has an idea that there may be a leak, locating the source of the leak can be quite the challenge.

Although a plumber could fix the leak, before that process can begin, they have to find the leak and then access it. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done and requires specialist knowledge and equipment, which many plumbers simply do not have.

ADI Leak Detection Is The UK’s Original Specialist Water Leak Detection Company

When it comes to specialist leak detection companies, ADI Leak Detection was the first specialist company in the United Kingdom. We identified the ever-increasing issues of hot and cold water leak detection, and devised and developed strategies, trained staff and purchased specialist equipment to resolve the problems.

We use a range of different tools, some of which are exclusive to our company, to pinpoint the source of the leak. No two water leaks are the same, which is why it is essential to have a specialist team of experts who understand the process and can quickly assess the problem and find a suitable solution. Some of the tools we use include

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Perfect for Hot or Cold Water Leaks as any water escaping with typically change temperature at the site of the leak

Underfloor Leak detection Southampton

Acoustic Listening Devices

Used in situations where we believe the leak is buried quite deep or where access is restricted. Sound travels over a much longer distance, so these devices help us to locate the leak using audio.

Southampton Central Heating Leak Detection Service

Tracer Gases

Tracer Gases are a unique mixture of hydrogen and nitrogen, which creates a distinctive smell that can be identified by our specialist machines. We force the gas into your pipework, and as it is lighter than water, it escapes at the source of the leak. Our machinery can then pinpoint where the unique smell is coming from.

Leak Correlators

Where the suspected depth of the leak is anticipated to be too large, even for our acoustic listening devices, we use Leak Correlators. This piece of equipment can trace water leaks up to 600 metres in length using electric pulses. Typically these are used in larger rural areas, such as farms when the potential site of the leak could be within a much larger area than a typical residential property.

Why Choose ADI Leak Detection To Find Your Water Leak in Southampton?

Don’t Delay, Take Action Today

The second you suspect a cold or hot water pipe leak, you must take immediate and decisive action. The quicker you get the leak stopped, the less damage that is likely to be caused. Unfortunately, the problem will not fix itself, so you need to call in the experts. The good news is that in most cases, the cost of our services will be covered by your home insurance, although we always advise that you confirm this with your provider. Due to the quality of our service, and our excellent reputation within the industry, our engineers are in great demand. If you have landed on this page because you know you have a hidden water leak, then call us today to book our service. It could be one of the most important calls you ever make.

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