Roof Leak Detection Southampton - The Roof Water Leak Experts

Roof Leak Detection Southampton - The Roof Water Leak Experts

A leaking roof is one of those problems that strikes fear and dread into every homeowner in Southampton. A roof’s sole purpose is to protect you from the elements, keeping your family safe and warm, but conversely if your roof starts to leak, the consequences can be devastating. However, it only takes a small water leak to cause significant damage, and one of the significant issues with this scenario is that the location of the leak may not be as blindingly obvious as you might expect. Of course you cannot fix the leak if you cannot find it in the first place, and that is where a specialist leak detection expert such as ADI Leak Detection comes into play.

Roof Leak Detection is a specialist area of expertise, which is why it is essential that any company you call in to find the source of your leak have the necessary knowledge, equipment and experience to find even the most miniscule of leaks. And that is where ADI Leak Detection excels. ADI Leak Detection is the original specialist leak detection company in the United Kingdom, essentially we invented the specialist leak detection industry.

ADI Leak Detection typically finds and deals with any leak regardless of size on the day we attend. If you have a roof leak in Southampton then call us today on 02381 040219.

Flat Roof Leaks

While flat roofs deliver many benefits in the design and structure of any property, the reality is that these types of roof are more prone to developing a leak than any other type of roof.

Unfortunately whilst it may be obvious that there is a leak in the roof due to the associated symptoms within the property such as a stained ceiling, finding where the leak is originating from may be an entirely different proposition. The leak detection specialists at ADI use a variety of methods and equipment, to rapidly identify the source of the leak.

Once we have found it you can then instruct a roofer to complete the work, restoring the fabric of your property and preventing further damage to the structure of your building. For all of your flat roof leak issues call ADI Water Leak Detection today on 02381 040219

Commercial Roof Leaks

Commercial Roof Leaks can be the cause of thousands of pounds worth of damage in terms of your business and damaged stock within a very short period of time. Due to the sheer size of most commercial roofs, access can be a challenge as can finding the exact location of where the leak is coming from.

At ADI Water Leak Detection we have many years of experience in the field and have found water leaks in commercial roofs where other companies failed. When it comes to commercial property you simply cannot afford any delay in finding that leak regardless of size which is why you need to call in the professionals as a matter of urgency. Call ADI Water Leak Detection today on 02381 040219

Roof Leak Detection Southampton

Pitched, Tiled Roof Leaks

The vast majority of homes in the United Kingdom have pitched tiled roofs, which consequently is why we are often called out to search for and find leaks in these types of roof. In our experience most leaks are caused by one of five different issues. Those are neglect, excessive inclement weather conditions, rooftop equipment, issues with the seams, and ofcourse people.

Whilst prevention is always going to be preferable to cure, the reason people call ADI is because they have discovered a leak. Our skilled and experienced technicians can typically find any leak regardless of size in any pitched tiled roof leaks quickly, saving you a lot of stress, hassle and worry. Call ADI Water Leak detection today on 02381 040219.

Roof Leak Testing Service In Southampton By ADI - The Original Leak Detection Company

Even if you do not see any signs of a leak, but you want your roof to be tested prior to purchasing a property for instance then ADI Water Leak Detection can assist. This way we can either provide you with peace of mind that your roof is perfectly waterproof, or alternatively we can pinpoint with total accuracy exactly where you do have a leak, regardless of its size.

Our Roofing Leak Detection Equipment

One of the many factors that sets ADI apart and indeed has ensured that we remain the industry leader in water leak detection is our investment in technology. Every year we invest thousands of pounds to ensure that our technicians have access to the latest equipment and technology, which in turn enables us to find leaks fast. Lets examine three of the most popular methods we use to detect roofing leaks.

Tracer Gas

Tracer gases can be used in the roof leak detection process to confirm the suspected source of a roof leak or roof leaks. Tracer gases (Hydrogen and Nitrogen) are introduced into the roof void, they rise through any gaps that are not sealed. On the roof we use tracer gas sniffers to detected the tracer gas as it escaped from the leak location.

Thermal Imaging Drones

One of the biggest challenges our technicians face when searching for a roof water leak is gaining access to the roof to complete the investigation. Access can be an issue due to a variety of reasons, be that a very high commercial building, or limited space to erect ladders, scaffolding or use a cherry picker to gain access to the roof.

Drone roof leak detection is extremely cost effective in comparison to other access methods for finding a leak in a roof. Hiring scaffolding or a cherry pickers is both time consuming and expensive in comparison.

If you are concerned that you may have a leak in a roof where gaining access is problematic then call ADI Water Leak Detection today on 0800 731 3843

Electronic Roof Leak Detectors

If access is not a problem, another option available to our engineers is that os Electronic Roof Leak Detectors. This specialist hi-tech equipment is able to find and detect any holes, leaks or defects in your flat roof. The process works by passing a low level electrical charge through the membrane of the roof. When the charge hits an area where there is a leak it will naturally earth out, enabling our engineers to identify the precise location of the leak, or indeed leaks.

This method of leak detection works on both horizontal surfaces and upstands, provided that the membrane dresses up the wall. This is a very important benefit because it is very common for the leaks to originate in the folded corners where the membrane goes from the flat roof up the wall.

The are a number of key advantages to this method. Once again it is a non-invasive procedure, no damage is actually caused to the membrane itself. It is pretty much universally compatible with most roof membranes. It is highly accurate with the capacity to detect even pinhole leaks, and it is also very quick and efficient.

Why Choose ADI To Find Your Roof Water Leak In Southampton?

ADI Water Leak Detection are the acknowledged experts when it comes to detecting difficult to find leaks. We even have our own design team, that develops exclusive tools to help us find the leaks others cant. If you have any type of leak, regardless of size then speed is of the essence. You need a company you can rely upon, a company that will find the leak fast, and prevent further problems from occurring. We always respond quickly and have an unbeatable track record of success. If you have or even suspect that you have a roof water leak then call ADI Water Leak Detection today on 02381 040219

Do you Provide Home Roofing Repair Services?

Unfortunately ADI Water Leak Detection do not offer a home roof repair service. Our speciality lies in quickly finding the source of any leak within your roof, using our specialist knowledge, and tools, before calling in the roofing experts to complete the necessary repairs.

Do you offer a commercial roof repair service?

ADI Water Leak Detection is a specialist company that detects leaks in underground pipework, roofs and other challenging areas. Our technicians are some of the best in the business, but they are not roofers. That is why we do not offer a commercial roof repair service, but rather focus on the leak detection aspect of roofing.

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